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It’s a great time to be working in the online learning industry. Technology has never been more accessible and things that would cost you an arm and a leg in the past are things you often can do yourself these days. Take video for example; recording, editing and publishing video materials is a breeze and that makes it super as a media asset in your learning solutions.

The thing is, that by default, video is quite static. You can only watch it, not interact with it. Luckily with Articulate Storyline you can add content on top of your video at specific moments in time having additional content appear making the ‘just video’ an even richer experience (when done correctly off course). You can choose to have users interact with the video to show additional content or choose to show it when you deem it valuable.

Recently I was taking a Coursera course, which, as you might know, is mainly video content with additional assignments. During the video lecture they had little knowledge checks pop up, pausing the video and forcing you to think about the content that had just been shared with you, or was about to be shared. This is a very simple but effective way to get you learner into action and to stir their brain.

Luckily such techniques are not only available when you have a massive budget. You can easily build something like this in Articulate Storyline. Check out the video below to learn how! (Note there are many ways to do this, this is just an example)

There you have it. Simple and effective.

As you can imagine, you can use this for any type of video and, as I mentioned earlier, you can test knowledge you are about to share, triggering the user to think and perhaps, rethink their answer along the way or just test them after the delivery of the information.

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  1. Terrific, Jeff! This is one of my favorite ways to use video in e-learning in general, but Storyline makes it so simple it’s really hard to resist. You’ve done a great job of explaining and demonstrating it. Thanks so much for sharing!

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