Create a highlight effect for your software simulations in Articulate Storyline

Are you creating a lot of software training simulations or interactions? Then this might be a great tutorial for you.

I started out creating a lot of software training using Adobe Captivate. The recording feature in Articulate Storyline is one of my favorite features. It allows us to create super cool software simulations very fast and very easy. Another thing I find really cool is that Storyline allows us to add our own interactions to those software simulations once they’ve been recorded.

The other day I was watching a tutorial and the presenter used in really simple, but cool highlight feature. Unfortunately such a feature is not default in Articulate Storyline but… we can easily create it ourselves.

Take a look at the video above and see how you can create your own highlight effect using Articulate Storyline.

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Jeff Kortenbosch

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7 thoughts on “Create a highlight effect for your software simulations in Articulate Storyline”

    1. That looks fantastic! But I would like to know which resolution and screen features did you choose so that the screen player looks bigger. I have tried to do software tutorials with Storyline 2 but the screen is really small, so it is difficult to get an idea of the application.

    2. Hi Lucy, if you go to the Player settings you’ll find an ‘Other’ section. Here you can select your browser to be maximized and your course to scale to the browser size. That should do the trick!

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