How to set-up a reflection question in Articulate Rise

Think and reflect! A very powerful learning interaction and one I use often in my online learning solutions.

In this quick example video, I show you how I use them in Articulate Rise and how you can set them up.

Like this example? Got any ideas on how to do it in a different way? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Jeff is a performance-focused learning professional that believes in making learning relevant again!

3 thoughts on “How to set-up a reflection question in Articulate Rise”

  1. How about having the user put in their thoughts and later displaying that back to them so they can reflect on their original thoughts after learning?

    1. That would be in other responsive tools such as dominKnow | ONE, Gomo or Elucidat. Perhaps folks should check out other options.

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