Increase your visual thinking capability and presentation skills… by drawing.

The past month I’ve been participating in a twitter draw-a-thon organized by Blair Rorani. Every day, for 15 days, Blair gave an assignment to draw something, a boy, a dog etc. He did this as a pre-launch event for his book Everybody Draw Now, in which he explains how to capture, clarify and communicate information and ideas using drawings.

Basically he shows you; why drawing pictures is such a good idea, how to listen, read and decide what to draw and how to turn your words into pictures.

It’s really been a lot of fun and in those 15 days I really learned to look differently at the way I communicate . For this challenge I picked up a €6 stylus at the local super market and downloaded a couple of apps for my tablet and started playing around with them. In the end I went with the free Adobe Draw to create most of my entries. Even now that the 15 day draw-a-thon is over I still create a random drawing each day to hone my skills.

What truly amazed me is how fast I was able to draw and how easy it is to turn a presentation slide into a picture, or set of pictures in just 15 days of practice. I’ll be presenting at the Articulate Community event in Zurich on April 17th and for this purpose I’ve completely overhauled my slide deck. No more bulleted lists, just a drawing and a tag line. This way, when I’m presenting the focus will be on what I’ll be sharing with the group, empowered by the illustrations behind me.

Check out the presentation I’ve created using drawings below or on speakerdeck.

So here’s a big THANK YOU! for Blair Rorani and if you’ve missed the draw-a-thon not to worry, you can always catch up and start drawing. I can recommend it!




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5 thoughts on “Increase your visual thinking capability and presentation skills… by drawing.”

  1. I love it! My brother is an incredibly talented cartoonist so I’ve always been self conscious about my lack of drawing skills. Your slide deck makes me realize that you don’t have to be an accomplished artist to draw images that support your content and engage your audience. Your images have a fun, whimsical character that give your presentation way more personality than clip art or stock images, and a sense of genuineness. (Is that a word?) Well done Jeff!

  2. Nice Jeff! Just like Rick I’m always conscious of my lack of drawing skills as well. Especially with all the talented people around me 😀

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