Maximize your image quality in Articulate Studio

From time to time I hear people complain about the loss of image quality when publishing a course in Articulate Studio’13. In this short video I’ll show you how you can maximize your image quality output.

1. Make sure your imported image meets your quality needs

Sometimes that image you insert into PowerPoint just isn’t that great to begin with. Be mindful that, when copying from different PowerPoint slide decks or from the internet, the quality may not be that great and that a quick copy-paste action might actually decrease the quality. So start with a proper quality image to begin with.

2. Adjust the Articulate Publish settings

Articulate Studio has got some default compression standards you should know about. When publishing a course I tend to customize the default settings to my specific needs. You can change video, audio and image compression right there before publishing.

3. Don’t forget PowerPoint

Although you’re publishing your course using Articulate Studio, most of your content editing is done in PowerPoint and this, as it turns out, has some image compression settings of its own. You can adjust these by going into File > Options > Advanced. Here you’ll find the image size and quality settings and this is where you want to turn on the ‘Do not compress images’ feature. This way PowerPoint will not compress that perfect image you just inserted. Unfortunately this is not something you can make a default PowerPoint setting so you’ll need to do that for every project you’re working with.

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