Give your Articulate quiz result slides a make over

At the Articulate eLearning Heroes website David Anderson hosts a weekly elearning challenge. This weeks challenge was a quiz result slide make over. I got a lot of positive remarks on my entry so I decided to show you how I came up with the idea and how I put it together.

As you can see, there’s a lot of room for improvement and you really should spend some time tweaking your quiz result slide to match the look and feel of your course. Your learners will love you for it!


Creating animated title pages for Articulate Replay

A very cool and easy to use feature of PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to save your slides as a video file (.wmv). Creating your own animated videos has never been easier, especially since you can use all those cool PowerPoint features to create it.

In this post I’ll show you how you can use PowerPoint to create animated title screens for your Articulate Replay videos.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Create a new PowerPoint slide and set it to your required screen size (Regular=4:3 or wide-screen=16:9)
  2. Double the size of your PowerPoint slide e.g. a default 4:3 has a width of 25,4 cm and a height of 19,05 cm. Doubling the size will make my slide 50,8 cm x 39 cm. This will ensure your video resolution is large enough to match your Articulate Replay screen recording.
  3. Go to the Transitions tab and disable Advance Slide on mouse click. Now check the box Advance Slide After and set the amount of time you want this slide to be on screen
  4. Now create your slide with the animations you want using PowerPoint’s animation features
  5. When you are done check if all your slides have the Advance Slide on mouse click disabled and the proper time set for the Advance Slide after X seconds.
  6. Now save your file as Windows Media Video (.wmv) file and import it in your Replay project

TIP: You can also use slide transitions when using multiple slides.