What does an e-learning specialist really do?

“Have you ever tried explaining what you do to your friends or parents? Anyone? Chances are you were met with a blank or quizzical look. While most jobs can be tough to explain to people outside your industry, e-learning design has to be one of the most challenging jobs to explain. The industry is relatively new and requires designers to juggle a variety of skills from writing to design to project management to counselling.”.

In this week’s Articulate e-Learning challenge we’re asked to create an explanation of what we do using the “What people think I do/What I really do” concept.

What my friends think I do
Honestly, I don’t think they have the slightest idea… I guess they’re just a little less clueless then my mom. The first thing that came to mind was “computer nerd”. So I googled it and found this great picture that reminded me of the best Southpark episode ever, the World of Warcraft episode, which as a retired WoW junkie seemed scarily familiar.

What my mom thinks I do
My mother, pretty much like most mom’s I’m guessing, never got beyond the “My son does something with computers” explanation and always telling a neighbor I could help fix their computer… (sound familiar?), when in reality the times that I actually unscrewed the cover of my PC to add some additional memory or change the video card, 8 out of 10 times I broke it. So no, I cannot and will not fix your computer. 🙂

What my boss thinks I do
This depends on the boss of the moment really, our company is going through a lot of changes and since most people from the management and leadership teams I’ve worked with over the past years no longer work here, most understanding of my actual job role and contribution to the company seems to have disappeared with them. Since the term “e-learning” is in my job title and they know we’re using Articulate software it must mean I develop e-learning in PowerPoint all day long, right? 😉

What my colleagues think I do
With today’s e-learning authoring tools you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to develop meaningful and motivational e-learning. With the pressure no longer on development, coming up with an effective, beautifully designed learning solution has never been easier. The speed in which we can deliver these powerful solutions might seem like rocket science to many.

What I think I do
I actually played around with this one a bit. My first thought was of MacGuyver, the guy that could do (really) anything with just his Swiss army knife, a potato, some duct-tape and a paperclip. With the ongoing financial crisis and constant company restructuring, we more and more often have to make due with scarce resources under an enormous workload. Since I couldn’t find a decent McG picture I went for the second best thing… The hamster wheel. 🙂

What I actually do
I love my job, as it places me at the frontline of nearly every strategic corporate program the company is launching and tries to embed in the organization. Everything, from Health and Safety to Personal development and Compliance, from Management programs to Sustainability, Diversity and Employee Engagement, I’m there; designing, consulting, project managing, facilitating, implementing and measuring the effectiveness the online learning programs to move the company forward and making it a better place to work.

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  1. Love it, Jeff! The visuals alone tell a great story, but it was so nice to read your blog post to get more insight into what you chose to include and why.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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